What are Biofilms and why does it matter?

What are Biofilms?

Biofilms may form on living or non-living surfaces and can be prevalent in natural, industrial and hospital settings.[3][6] The microbial cells growing in a biofilm are physiologically distinct from planktonic cells of the same organism, which, by contrast, are single-cells that may float or swim in a liquid medium.[7] Biofilms can be present on the teeth of most animals as dental plaque, where they may cause tooth decay and gum disease. (Source: Wikipedia)

Why Does it Matter?

Since biofilms form on non-living surfaces such as oral appliances including orthodontic devices such as retainers, and mouth guards, sports guards, and invisible aligners and yes even toothbrushes, the build-up of biofilms can lead to tooth decay and gum disease as well as other harmful infectious diseases.

It’s important to keep all dental products clean and prevent an environment in which biofilms can grow. This is why Prodentclean is the perfect solution to keeping your entire family’s dental products clean.

A simple spray of Prodentclean keep your dental products crystal clean and free of buildup.

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Dr. Todd Morgan, DMD, has been at his Encinitas dental practice for decades.  He has four children ages’ 5-25, and prides himself on being a pioneer in the world of sleep medicine, and oral appliance solutions.  He was tired of watching his dedicated staff use harsh chemicals to clean patients’ appliances and dental equipment.  So it was a natural fit for him to co-develop the next best thing to hit the market, Prodentclean.  Prodentclean is an oral appliance cleaner, 100% safe and effective in cutting the buildup that develops on oral appliances.

Biofilms are diverse communities of bacteria and other microorganisms. They form primarily in moist environments or those that are conducive to bacterial growth, such as metals, plastics and medical equipment.  While a single type of organism can create a biofilm, naturally occurring biofilms are commonly made up of many different types of bacteria, fungi, algae, yeasts and other microorganisms.  Biofilms has been around for hundreds of years and although some Biofilms are good for the body, many Biofilms if left untreated can cause serious disease and infection. (Learn more on Biofilm click here).

Prodentclean uses a combination of natural ingredients strong enough to breakdown harmful buildup.  Prodentclean can be used by people of all ages safely cleaning dentures, retainers, sports related mouth guard, night guards and toothbrushes.  Dr. Morgan now uses Prodentclean at his dental practice as well as in his home!


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What’s on my mouth guard?

clean sports guards

Hooray! Football season is here, summer is over and it is all about the holidays. I am a mother of two small boys ages’ 3 and 6.  I signed the oldest up for Flag Football, where the name of the game is grab the flag from the opposing team before they score a touchdown.  I love the cute uniforms, cleats, the fun banter among the parents.But what I don’t like are the germs that live and breed in my sons mouth guard.  I didn’t really think about it til I saw him at practice grabbing the ball, tumbling to the ground, geting dirty, playing with his mouth guard…..ew, wait a minute , those fingers are going into his mouth?  No wonder this time of year is flu season.. So I use Prodentclean to wash my kids mouth guard. It is awesome, totally safe. I wash my kids uniform with a special detergent, why wouldn’t I do the same for my kids mouth guard!!

(Parent and Prodentclean customer)