Important Facts About Cleaning Dentures

Dentures are a hefty investment. Keeping them clean is not just good for oral hygiene and overall health but it is also important to protect your investment. Improper care of dentures and partials can cause damage as well growth of harmful bacteria and organisms.

Dentures and partials are porous despite looking solid. If you took a microscope to your dentures then you would see the pores. A simple toothbrush may not be enough in getting to the hiding spaces. Bacteria likes to live and multiply and will find ways to do so.

The bacteria that continues to live on dentures and partials causes bad odors and bad breath. It’s important to clean dentures and partials properly with a grunge removing ingredients like Prodentclean in order to keep the problem from occurring or getting worse.

Research has shown that older patients have a higher count of bacteria and germs in their mouths. This is yet another concern that should be kept in mind. Did you know that the average full-mouth denture in the United States is 17.6 years old? That could be years of collection of germs and bacteria.

Thorough daily cleaning with Prodenclean and routine professional follow-up can prolong the life and comfort of dentures and partials. The denture wearer experiences greater confidence, satisfaction, and pleasure, and produces more smiles and a healthier, happier life with dentures.

Order Prodentclean today and protect your investment!