Cleaning Your Night Guard


There are many different types of night guards on the market from over the counter to custom made ones to fit your mouth exactly. Dentists recommend a custom night guard because the over the counter guards can cause issues if they don’t fit properly from issues with talking to breathing. Most consumers are fitted with a custom guard by their dentist that they wear at night.

Night guards can be prescribed by a dentist for various reasons from bruxism which is usually referred to as teeth grinding or teeth clenching. The mouth guard helps with the grinding by providing a smooth area for the teeth to slide instead of rub.

TMJ is another common issue that may require a night guard. The night guard can help by alleviating pressure on the jaw and reduce stress.

Application of oral pastes or gels is another option for a night guard. Whether it is a paste medication that needs to be kept in place on the teeth or gums or teeth whitening gel, a night guard provides that necessary device for holding the paste in place.

So with the importance of a custom fitted oral night guard comes the importance of keeping the night guard clean and free of build-up debris and even harmful bacteria. Some people try to clean their night guard with everyday household items on hand such as toothpaste, vinegar, baking soda etc. The problem with this is that the night guard is actually porous and will begin to wear and tear and turn yellow without the proper care.

If you have any investment in your night guard then keeping it clean, free of build-up and well maintained for long-term use should be important to you. What good is a night guard that you paid for to help with grinding your teeth if it is loaded with grungy build-up and harmful bacteria which can lead to bad breath and cavities and even health issues? It may be causing you more harm than good.

Anything that enters your mouth will eventually have access to your saliva and be ingested. Make sure that your mouth guard is cleaned after every single use. Let me repeat that. Clean your night guard after every single use. You probably throw away your toothbrush every month or 2 but you don’t do that with a night guard. You keep it for years sometimes 10 years or longer. What if you had to keep your toothbrush for 10 years?

The need to clean your night guard is the exact reason, Dentist and Sleep Medicine Expert, Dr. Todd Morgan developed Prodentclean. He saw his patients come in with unsightly and smelly mouth guards and have his dental staff clean them with harsh chemicals that required gloves and he knew that patients needed a natural and effective way to clean their guards at home. Prodentclean is different than other mouth guard cleaners on the market because it is natural, safe and it is as effective as the harsh chemicals that many dental offices use.

Prodentclean works great on night guards with a simple soak or spray and then rinse and wear. Since the natural ingredient is the Empowered Oxygen formula you don’t have to worry about burning the skin or ingesting anything dangerous. Empowered oxygen also removed build-up and whitens most oral appliances.

Try Prodentclean and keep your night guard crystal clean and well maintained for years to come.

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